Obagi Medical Professional Serum 10% L Ascorbic Acid Vitamin C Facial Treatment


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Experience antioxidant benefits when you apply this serum.
To maintain skin that looks youthful, you need a product that protects against damaging free radicals. Obagi Professional C Serum 10 offers a high concentration of vitamin C that provides unbeatable antioxidant benefits against these damaging particles.  Free radicals such as smoke, pollution and debris weaken the cell structure and lead to signs of aging such as fine lines, unevenness and dark spots. By neutralizing these particles, Obagi Professional C Serum 10 helps you maintain a smooth texture and youthful look. Take precautions against signs of aging by using this antioxidant product daily.

Obagi Professional C Serum 10 is an essential for any routine.
Obagi Professional C Serum 10 remains on the skin for up to 72 hours to continuously protect against free radicals. The 10% L-ascorbic acid, a form of vitamin C, easily penetrates into the skin for advanced results. This ingredient also stimulates collagen production to firm and tighten the complexion while filling in fine lines and wrinkles. The potent formula is powerful yet gentle so it is great for those with dry or sensitive skin. Obagi Professional C Serum 10 fits into any routine for extra defense against signs of aging. Try Obagi Professional C Serum 10 for antioxidant benefits.

Apply sufficient amount to the face, neck and chest using fingertips. Apply to cleansed skin once or twice daily. Apply before any makeup sunscreen or night cream. A slight tingling sensation may occur in some people.

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